Will The Dollar Collapse? A Few Perspectives.

Will The Dollar Collapse? A Few Perspectives.

Whenever I read articles about financial conspiracy and the dollar collapse, I always get this feeling like its a necessary evil, like this collapse is something we should look forward to. Because once the dollar collapse, maybe, just maybe our governments will start being financially responsible and “this time it will be different”.

Here are some reasons why the dollar probably won’t collapse, but even if it did, probably nothing would change in the long run. Sure, in the short run some gold bugs might get rich overnight and some governments will implode, but once the propaganda machines are fired up – things will be right back to where we started.

1. The Dollar Is Currently Working For Those In Power.

The dollar works for the elite. During hard times they print money and line their pockets. During good times, they’re busy fixing interest rates and extracting money out of the economy to line their pockets. It’s heads they win, tails you lose. So, why would they damage a good thing for themselves?

Imagine the Federal Reserve as a business. Profits come from printing money, setting interest rates and doling out the proceeds to the equitable owners. There are no creditors because they are the ultimate creditor of the world. Would you be in debt if you could print money? Likely not. Additionally the government, who they basically own, has granted them every advantage they can drum up. Business is good. As a matter of fact – there is no better business. They can buy any real estate, any politicians, any rights to resources….anything.

They can buy anything because everyone will accept their precious green paper. This fact leads us to our next issue:

2. It Only Collapses When We Stop Accepting Their Paper As Money

As long as we use their printed money, they win. One could argue that we could all just stop using printed money. They’re smart though, they’ve made it nearly impossible for us to NOT use their money. Try living one month without using dollars. Your rent, mortgage, groceries, utilities, car payment, insurance and everything else under the sun is all collected in the same currency that they print. Why? Because the government that they control only collects taxes in…you guessed it…dollars.

Therefore, it would take one of two things to change this system:

  1. Get governments to accept gold or silver as payment for taxes, or
  2. Complete national mutiny where everyone drops the dollar all at once.

The only state that has really attempted to change this is Utah. In Utah, you can pay your taxes in gold. And while that is somewhat amazing – Utah is only one state of 50. If every state did this, and every US citizen valued gold, the Federal Reserve and Wall Street would be out of business in no time. Fortunately for them, and unfortunately for us, few people in the USA have even seen a gold ounce (never mind considered using it for exchange).

3. If It Collapses, The Next Solution Will Be No Better

Even if the eventual dollar collapse is inevitable, it’s not like the power structure of the world will change much. You think the people that control the dollar collapse won’t have a “Plan B”? Don’t be naive. Chances are, they’re just going to introduce another currency in it’s place, or something like the Amero which is similar to the Euro.

The government and financial elite will fire up the propaganda machines and sell the new currency campaign as a moment of progress in human history, something to be celebrated, and an economic solution that will make everyones’ lives better (which Americans will desperately want after the financial collapse).

This next currency will surely grant them the same power – to rob purchasing power and grant them financial control over the economy. Maybe it’ll even work better for them. If the Americas unite under one central currency, this new central bank will have more power than the European Central Bank.

4. If Collapse Doesn’t Come – You Can Bet on More Debt

Our economic system is engineered to maximize debt production. The Federal Reserve, by printing money, are doing nothing less than maxing out the nations credit card. No matter how you justify it, debt is debt. Personal debt and national debt are both still debt. Whether they’re hoping the bill never comes due, or to abandon ship if it actually does come due, they’ve guaranteed that more debt will be piled up everyday that the system keeps running. It will not stop because it can’t stop or else we face the opposite – further severe recession.

The Sad Part of All This

Most of the problems in our world are financial problems. Schools are broke because they budgets have been cut. Kids are eating crappier food because parents can’t afford more quality foods. Prisons are packed because states are going broke and have a financial incentive to imprison citizens with high penalties for smaller petty crimes. The elderly can’t afford health services. Family’s are losing their homes. Etc, etc.

If people would challenge themselves enough to put all these pieces together, they would realize that our financial system is the root of all these problems. If it’s not, then why was it in the 70’s that a single income could support a family of four? A home payment, a car, two children, health care, and a decent retirement fund? Now, it’s hard for two incomes to support a family.

I hear people get angry at corporations raising prices – food, transportation, medical services etc. Well, why the heck do these people think prices are rising…pure corporate greed? No, it’s called inflation. Inflation makes prices rise – otherwise economic equilibrium would be reached which would result in a complete utopian society in the long run.

Democrats point at Republicans and Republicans point at Democrats, when in fact they’re both flawed. Both sides fight to control the flow of economic activity, instead of allowing Americans to make this decision with their own preferences and financial resources (because they have none).

Potential Solutions (HINT: I don’t really have any)

We’re certainly working an uphill battle. Times are hard and the only options out of this fiasco are to either destroy it and rebuild it or go through more pain until we just die. That’s it. There are no other solutions. Sure, I want to think there could be, but the truth is that those in power aren’t going to give up control easy. Therefore, change will only come about from one thing…war. You see, even if we decided to peacefully protest and change the political structure of our economy – corruption will prevail again.

I guess my only real solution, if you could call it that, is to look out for your self interest, be a good neighbor, work hard, buy tangibles, and avoid debt at all costs.


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