12 Of The Goriest Horror Movies Of All Time

The two main draws of horror movies tend to be scares and gore. There are so many people who just love a good gory horror movie. The gorier and grosser a horror movie the more awesome it can be to watch. Below are some of our favorite gory horror movies.

Saw (all sequels) – There are numerous Saw movies and it seems they come out with a new one every year. We put this option at the top of the list because of the pure creativity involved in each of the gory scenes. Each death is part of a series of chain reactions that leads to someone else’s death. Additionally, each character ultimately chooses his or her fate by making some very difficult decisions to unlock the character’s trap. Learn more about the awesome Saw traps by visiting the Saw Wiki page.

House of 1,000 Corpses & The Devil’s Rejects – Both of these movies center around a redneck family that brutally murders people. They taunt their victims and just generally mess with them psychologically before torturing and murdering them. Both movies feature tons of violence and gore and quite a bit of nudity. The music in the movies fits perfectly and reminds me to be careful on sketchy back roads.

Dead Alive – Lionel’s mother gets bitten by a monkey and zombie madness ensues. This movie is considered to be one of the goriest movies there is and it does not disappoint. It’s also pretty ridiculous and funny. An absolute must of you love gory movies. It’s rated NC-17 so you just know it’s full of awesome gore.

Hostel 1 & 2 – College kids staying in Hostels abroad get kidnapped and are tortured by people who pay to do so. Both these movies are full of torture, violence and gore. In the first one you have the infamous eyeball scene. I actually liked the second one better. There’s a girl who gets destroyed by a scythe and some genital mutilation. Both films are feature some great and notorious gore. They made a third, but I’d steer clear of that one.

Piranha 3D – Prehistoric piranhas are let loose from an underground lake after a tremor shakes them loose. This movie has some seriously ridiculous gore and it is hilarious. There’s tons of nudity and plenty of naughty body parts getting bitten and bitten off by these prehistoric piranhas.

Hatchet – A group of tourists in New Orleans get stranded while on a boat tour of swamps with a murderer around. There are some pretty graphic murder scenes in this movie that are just great to watch. There’s also a 2nd and 3rd in the series. I haven’t seen them but I’d guess they’re just as gory as this one.

High Tension – Two college girls go to the home of one of the girls in the French countryside. There a murdered victimizes the family as well as the girls. This movie is a foreign film, but there’s a dubbed version if that’s your thing. The murder of the family at the beginning of this film is absolutely brutal. The only two words you need to know are stairs scene.

Feast – A group of people get trapped in a bar with aliens surrounding them. I absolutely love this movie. It’s gory and absolutely disgusting. One of the most disgusting scenes I’ve seen in a movie is in this one and it doesn’t even involve gore. For a gory, disgusting and at times funny movie absolutely check this out. And definitely go with the unrated version.

Repo! The Genetic Opera – The world’s population ha been hit with an epidemic of organ failure. Luckily a big corporation steps in with synthetic organs for transplant. However if you can’t pay, the organs get re-poed. Ok, I’m going to be honest. This is a straight up musical. However, just look at that plot! It’s got plenty of gore and the songs are catchy and awesome. Think more Rocky Horror than Sound of Music. I know the musical aspect will put lots of people off, but you’d be missing out. The other downside is that Paris Hilton is in the movie. Do not let the fact it’s a musical that has Paris Hilton in it scare you away. It’s amazing and plenty of gore when organs get repo-ed.

Cabin Fever – A group of college kids at a cabin in the woods come in contact with a flesh eating virus. This movie is absolutely full of gore along with some nudity and it doesn’t take itself seriously giving it quite a few laughs. There is plenty of gory scenes, but the two best have to be when you see the girl with the bottom half of her face is just melted and the scene where the girl is shaving her legs and just shaves the skin right off. The sound effect in that shaving scene still make me want to gag a bit just thinking of it. Bonus: the weird kid chanting “paaancakes” and doing karate moves.

Halloween (Rob Zombie) – A remake of the original film; Michael Myers escapes a mental institution and goes on a murderous rampage. Rob Zombie’s version of this classic horror slasher flick is full of gore and more than one set of boobs. There’s a sequel, and while I’m not a huge fan there are plenty of people who enjoyed it.

Friday the 13th (2009) – Another remake of a classic slasher set of films which features Jason Voorhees terrorizing college aged kids in a former campground. In typical slasher form there is plenty of gruesome and creative deaths.

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