14 Great Ghost Movies To Watch On Halloween

When you think about the different supernatural monsters and creatures one of the ones that feels the most plausible is ghosts. It’s more believable that the creaking noise you hear is a ghost than it is some vampire prowling around your house.  Some people even find some comfort in the idea of their deceased loved ones watching over them.

But if your sweet grandma Betty is a ghost watching out for you then who’s to say serial killer Bob isn’t also out there? You want a friendly ghost? Check out Casper. Want a romantic ghost? Look no further than Patrick Swayze in Ghost. But if you want scary and evil ghosts, check out some of our favorites below.

Ghost Ship – A salvage crew finds the wreck of a cruise ship and attempts to tow it back to collect on the valuables left behind. Unfortunately for them, there’s more than just valuables left on the ship. This is one of those titles that sometimes gets forgotten in people talking about horror movies they enjoyed. There’s a particularly gruesomely awesome scene of a bunch of deaths that I automatically think of when I see this movie. The story takes some interesting turn. There’s also some ghosty boobs in this one.

Thir13en Ghosts – Thirteen Ghosts is about a father and his two kids inherit a very odd house that holds twelve ghosts prisoner. I’ve always liked this movie and it’s usually one of the first that comes to mind when thinking about ghost movies. The ghosts are gory and creepy creating a perfect mix. The story itself is a bit on the ridiculous side, but the ghosts make it worth it. There’s also an ample amount of ghost boobs.

The Woman in Black – A young lawyer is tasked with settling the estate of an old woman in a remote English village. This movie tends to move slowly, but it builds up suspense moving at the pace it does. A good watch with more of a creeping scare than jump out of your seat scares.

Haunter – A teenage girl and her family are in a time loop that only she is seemingly aware of and has to figure out why and how to make it stop. This film is one that shows up on more than one of our lists. We can’t help it as it’s become one of those less heard of horror films that happens to be awesome. It keeps you guessing as to what’s going on.

House on Haunted Hill – A varied group of people get offered money to spend the night in a house that was previously an asylum. Though I don’t love the ending, the movie has gore, ghosts and twists.

The Eye – A woman gets an eye transplant then sees ghosts. This one is a remake of an Asian horror film (Gin-Gwai). This one gives me the creeps because it feels almost plausible to me. You finally are able to see and then what you do see is horrifying. This is a decent ghost movie with some make you jump parts. I’ve heard the original is better, but haven’t gotten to watching it.

The Orphanage – A woman, her husband and adopted son move into her childhood home which happens to also be a former orphanage. Her son soon gets himself some “imaginary” new friends. This one is a foreign  horror film so if you aren’t a fan of subtitles you may skip it, but there isn’t tons of dialogue and it is really good. Movies that have creepy kids tend to give me a good scare and this one does just that. One of my personal favorite horror movies that has the perfect suspenseful pace to a great ending.

Stir of Echoes – A man gets hypnotized, sees the ghost of a little girl and looks into the mystery behind her death. This is a good one that keeps the suspense up throughout with a lot of creepy imagery going on.

The Conjuring – A family is terrorized by ghosts and calls in paranormal husband and wife investigative team the Warrens. This is one of those based on a true story movies, and even though the Warrens have been outed as frauds more than once, this movie is awesome. When this movie came out it had been awhile since any new horror movie had scared me. This one did just that and I love it for doing so. Even writing this up makes me want to give it another go.

The Others – A woman and her two kids who have a sensitivity to light are in a their creepy home which she is convinced is haunted. I’m sure more people have already seen this one, but it still earns an entry because it is a creepy ghost story. Even if what makes it a ghost story isn’t what you expect.

Insidious – A family is haunted by ghosts while one of their sons is in a mysterious coma. This is another one of those movies that tends to get mentioned more than once. It’s a great horror movie and when I finally watched it I wanted to kick myself for having avoided it at first.

Dark Water – A mother and her young daughter move into a run down apartment building that has some ghostly past residents. Not everyone here is a fan of this film and it can be slow, but that also builds the suspense up. The ending isn’t what you’d expect either, so it’s worth a one time watch.

Grave Encounters – Reality show ghost hunters film their stay in a haunted asylum. If found footage isn’t your genre then this movie isn’t for you. I’m not always a fan of this type of horror, but this movie does it well and has some great ghost scenes to make you jump. I’m not a huge fan of the sequel, but it’s worth a shot of you enjoy this first one.

White Noise – A husband desperate to speak to his deceased wife looks for ways to do so and stumbles onto the theory of ghost communicating through white noise. This movie definitely made me a little edgy around radio static after I first saw it, so give it a try.

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