Coronavirus: 10 Things To Know & How To Be Safe

Coronavirus is serious due to how fast it spreads. It’s known as Wuhan Coronavirus because Wuhan is the epicenter city in China where the virus originated. Coronavirus is actually a family of different viruses. This specific strain,  2019-nCoV, doesn’t technically have a name yet, therefore Wuhan Coronovirus is the best name that scientists have so far.

The initial quarantine lockdown in Wuhan happened on January 23, 2020. Since then, the deadly virus has now killed 636 people and infected 31,198 in mainland China. Of those infected, 4,826 (15%) are in critical condition. Only 1,568 people have recovered from the virus.

There were also 191 other cases of Coronavirus in 24 countries outside of China as of Wednesday (February 5th), including one death in Hong Kong, according to the World Health Organization. Three cruise ships have been quarantined. Although the virus has a far reach, it’s not classified as a pandemic. However, it is affecting world financial markets.

10. Coronavirus Kills 2% Of The People That It Infects. Of those, it kills within two weeks.

Two percent does not sound like much. However, when you consider how fast and easily Coronavirus spreads, it’s of much larger concern. It has has spread through cities in China exponentially, therefore rapidly increasing the death toll. Additionally, living victims endure suffocation and recovery becomes less likely as internal organs are damaged.

The deaths of the virus stood at approximately 10% before the risks of the virus were understood. Once identified, medical professionals were better prepared at handling the diseased patients.

Elderly people and those with lung and heart conditions are the most likely victims. The China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 1.2 men were infected for every 1.0 women. That means men are more likely to contract the disease, although it’s unclear why.

9. Wuhan Cororonavirus Spreads Through Moisture Droplets

Coronavirus is airborne and attacks your lungs

The virus attacks your lungs. It kills through ARDS, which is essentially suffocation from inflamed lungs. Coughs, sneezes and touching infected surfaces are the primary manner in which the virus is contracted. Touching your face after touching an infected surface is the only thing needed to contract Coronavirus. On average, humans touch their face 15 times per hour.

Cold and flu symptoms are indicators of Coronavirus. It kills the cells in the lining in your lungs as it multiplies. That’s why it becomes difficult to breath for those that are infected. The virus causes severe acute respiratory infection and symptoms usually start with a fever, followed by a dry cough.

Is Coronavirus airborne?

It’s a respiratory disease, so yes it’s an airborne virus. Being around people that sneeze means moisture droplets are put into the air. It’s airborne in areas where there are infected people. That’s why it’s so dangerous. It’s important for everyone, infected and healthy, to cover their nose and mouth when there is any evidence of Coronavirus nearby.

8. More Than 400 Million People Are In Quarantine In China

As the infected count rises, Chinese authorities are quarantining cities fast. As many as 60 cities have been quarantined in China. However, as the disease spreads, it becomes more and more unlikely to contain. Therefore many skeptics are wondering if the disease is already past that point. It’s likely that the disease is no longer contained in china.

7. Coronavirus Spreads Fast

Coronavirus is spreading faster than SARS. Here are some statistics:

  • Transmission Rate: 3 to 4 people become infected for every 1 infected person.
  • Fatality Rate: Approximately 2%
  • Incubation Period: 2-14 Days Before Symptoms Show

You can read more about the statistics on this informative website.

6. Cororonavirus May Have Started From Bats

Coronavirus from bats

How did Coronavirus start? Scientists don’t know exactly. It’s known that it started at a live animal market in Wuhan, China. Fish, wild animals and farm animals were kept in close quarters at the market.

There is no known connection to bats regarding Coronavirus. However, bats are commonly known for breeding disease and are present in that region of China. Additionally, bats make up roughly a fifth of all mammal species and are frequent transmitters of viruses that can potentially infect humans.

5. The Government of China Is Being Dishonest About The Coronavirus

There have been many instances that demonstrate dishonesty from the Government of China about Coronavirus. One of those, is the false classification of Pnuemonia deaths. It’s believed that China was downplaying the death toll of Coronavirus by incorrectly stating “severe pnuemonia” as the cause of death.

Additionally, a company named Tencent may have inadvertently released the real statistics on the virus, citing as much as ten times more deaths than the figures published by the government of China. Tencent later updated their numbers to reflect the official numbers that were provided by the government.

4. The Doctor That Originally Warned of Coronavirus Was Silenced By The Government

Li Wenliang from Wuhan, China, was the first doctor to recognize the danger of the virus. He published a private memo to other doctors notifying them of the possible dangers and similarities that Coronavirus has to SARS. Hours later, he was visited by the police and told to issue an apology.

The Chinese government did nothing to prevent the spread of the virus. As the numbers climbed, the government eventually shut down the market where Coronavirus originated and then quarantined the City.

Doctor Li Wenliang later died after contracting the virus from working with patients.

3. A Vaccine For Coronavirus Doesn’t Exist Yet

Doctor researching wuhan coronavirus vaccine

There are no specific vaccines or treatments available yet, which is one of reasons it’s spreading uncontrollably. The most effective method for preventing its spread is area quarantine.

The most vulnerable countries to Coronavirus are those that don’t have sufficient health care services, such as countries in Africa, Asia and South America. Developed countries that have strong health services are better prepared to stop the disease, although a vaccine is needed to truly stop it altogether.

2. Coronavirus is Mutating Slowely

Doctors have been closely studying Wuhan Coronavirus. After taking 10 samples from infected people, they discovered that all 10 samples had 99.98% similarity in genetic sequences. That means they Coronavirus is not morphing quickly as it infects more people. That is good news.

If the virus was mutating faster it would be significantly more difficult to stop it. For example, if the virus were able to mutate quickly enough, it would be able to spread across borders more easily through animals, insects and humans. Fortunately, that’s not the case.

1. Extra Careful Hygene Is The Number One Way To Combat The Virus

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Carry hand sanitizer and sanitize your hands often. Avoid touching surfaces in public. Wash your hands and utensils thoroughly before eating. Wear a face mask or respirator that fully covers your mouth and nose in order to avoid the possible chances of contracting and spreading the disease.

Exposed areas must be carefully cleaned and people infected must be separated from those that are healthy. It’s very easy to contract the virus once it’s present in an area. Only touch clean surfaces. Protect your lungs, especially when near at-risk public areas.

Don’t Forget About The Flu

There’s a flu spreading through the United States that has killed more than 10,000 people. Most eyes have been on Coronavirus, as it sweeps through China. But the flu has killed more people.

At Scariest Thing, we write about true stories. Sometime we cover current news and unfolding stories, such as when we covered the ebola outbreak of 2014, which had eerie similarities to the new Wuhan Coronavirus.

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