Are Aliens Real? Why Evidence Has Been Hidden From Us.

We’re facing some interesting times as humans. Today, technology has grown well beyond what was thought possible 200 years ago and information flows around our world like, well, water. News travels through communities, cities and nations at the speed of light. And even more, we’re becoming more open minded towards science and the abilities that humans are capable of achieving.

In the last 30 years there have been more UFO sightings than in the past two centuries combined. We have a wider range images, video footage and life accounts on record because people are beginning to come out and ask questions.

There are a lot of questions surrounding UFOs that never seem to get answered. More frustrating, is that the media seems to love UFO topics, but not one legitimate source online shares proven information that UFOs exist (nevermind that one has ever been captured). Can you image CNN posting an article proving the existence of aliens? So while the media does a little dance and the government tries to cover everything up it that it can, when will there be an actual breakthrough? When will the general public be granted some real life legitimate information that says “Yes, aliens do, in fact, exist!”…?

So here are some questions we, at have, along with some potential answers.

1. Why does the government keep hiding alien and UFO information from the public?

Through-out our modern history, the CIA and FBI have put a tremendous amount of human resources into hiding evidence of UFOs and aliens. It’s not a matter of if they have, it’s a matter of why. The reason, the government feels is that we can’t handle the truth. Knowing aliens exist would potential harm our understanding of the world and life as we know it. If aliens exist, what else is out there?

2. What would happen if the public had hard, smoking gun, proven evidence that aliens and UFO’s exist?

Say a flying saucer landed in the middle of Times Square in New York City. Aliens started roaming the city which allowed tens of thousands of people to witness the event. Additionally, parts of the flying saucer (UFO) were taken and distributed to all major news outlets, some taken as prized possessions by people, and alien footage was captured and distributed through the media. (This is basically the governments worst nightmare, beyond financial collapse). How would this scenario affect what humans thought about life? Would humans change their behavior?

3. What would happen to humans perception of life if we KNEW that aliens exist?

If humans knew aliens exist, it would bring questions of God, religion and authority into the picture. Religion has widely been used as power card in the history of humans. If a population of people believes in god, then they’re more likely to fall in line and be ‘good’ citizens. In hopes to get into heaven (or not go to hell), people will be good and order will exist in society. In other words, the political and economic structure that is in place will be more easily maintained (we’ve all heard of maintaining the status quo).

So what if people began questioning Gods existence? If aliens exist after all, doesn’t that mean that God is their creator too? Did Jesus die for the aliens sins too? Were the aliens created in gods image? Does that mean that god could potentially be a short slimy creature with an oval head and dark black eyes?

The problem here is that humans love to control everything. If aliens exist, and they don’t fall within the realm of our religion, our first instinct is to destroy then. We must kill that which doesn’t align with our religious belief or else our religious beliefs may not be correct.

Here’s the kicker: Aliens are more advanced than us, smarter than us, and more powerful than us. We CANNOT destroy them. The government cannot destroy them and private corporations cannot buy them out to make them go away. So if we can’t destroy them, then what do we do? We must exist with them. And that, my friend, brings along a whole new bundle of questions about life and religion.

4. What if humans were no longer the center of the universe?

If UFOs and aliens exist, then earth is no longer the center point of the universe (which scientists have known for a long time). Humans would realize that our petty little civilization hasn’t been divinely chosen by a higher power and that we’re not divinely placed here to be a master over the galaxy.

This means that humans are on earth merely to try to survive like animals in the wild or bacteria in a petri dish. We’re little more then a bunch of selfish little organisms that succeed only by hoarding resources and passing on our genes to new generations (that mimic ourselves and are not in god’s image).

5. Back to the point: If governments know this, why do they care? What does knowing aliens exist change?

If humans are here merely to survive and they no longer have constraints of religion and other forms of mass produced thought control, then we’re much likely to be selfish and break rules (law and order) in order to benefit ourselves. In other words, we would be more economically competitive with our governments and major corporations and act in our own best interest, regardless of what they tell us to believe. Simply put, we would be less easily controlled.

It could potentially send us into state of chaos.  But more importantly, those who are in power would lose all power. Those who benefit from the ponzi scheme financial system would fall. And lastly, those that influence us for their own benefit would lose all influential power and be reduced to normal everyday working class citizens.

Eventually though, it would be for the better for all. Religious wars would eventually stop because there would be less manipulation of religious followers and people would finally realize that it’s possible to be ‘good’ humans without relying on the notion of God. The earths resources would eventually be more evenly distributed among all people because people would act in their own interest and not in the interest of religion (which creates massive profits for those at the top).

Please note, we’re not saying that religion or spirituality is wrong or untrue because aliens exist. Our argument is that the government and people at the top of our worlds socioeconomic pyramid benefit from religious control and manipulation of those that they influence. Therefore more awareness of this situation will result in these leaders having less power which will benefit everyone.

We’ll continue this segment in a future Scariest Thing article and we’ll look into how we can create a transparent system of studying extraterrestrial life that has legitimacy and merit.

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