Best Horror Movies Based on True Stories

Movies that are based on a true story or true events always have a certain creepiness to them. They leave you wondering what actually happened. They can give you a fear that maybe those things could happen to you. Below are some of our favorite horror movies that are supposedly based on true stories/events.

The Conjuring –

The Perron family is being terrorized by ghosts in their rundown farmhouse. They being in the Warrens, a paranormal investigative team, to help their family. The Warrens have been involved on investigating and “solving” many supposed paranormal events. They’ve also been proven as frauds on more than one occasion. What’s true and what’s not isn’t up to us, but this movie is definitely scary. I watched it at night and peeking around the woods while letting the dog out after watching this one. To imagine that it possibly happened and/or could happen gives me a good scare to think about.

Amityville Horror –

The Lutz family move into a house that had previously been the site of a mass murder. I’ve only seem the remake but I liked it a lot. Ryan Reynolds plays George Lutz and he gets possessed and terrorizes his own family. What really happened has been debated by outside sources and those involved. The real George Lutz actually sued the makers of the 2005 version of the film. There’s also a documentary about the whole story. Interestingly, the Warrens (mentioned above) were heavily involved in the investigation of this incident.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre –

A family of cannibals abducts and tortures people in rural Texas, with the most well known of the family being Leatherface who is typically seen using the titular chainsaw. There is numerous versions and sequels. The only true events these movies are based on is that certain aspects are based on Ed Gein a famous serial killer. It doesn’t strictly follow what Ed Gein did, it just borrows a few details to suit the story. Leatherface is an infamous horror movie villain, and if slasher horror movies are what scare you then these films are for you. Many times while traveling on unfamiliar back roads I’ve kept an eye out for Leatherface, so in that way this movie has kept me a bit scared.

The Strangers –

A young couple are terrorized by three masked people. Masks can be incredibly creep in movies and the masks in this movie are exception, they make the sinister acts that much more terrifying. The writer and director of this film has said the story’s based on a series of break ins in his childhood neighborhood mixed with some details of the Manson murders, but the that’s been debated quite a bit. I don’t know either way, but it’s definitely one of the more realistic things that could be true on this list.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose –

A priest is charged with negligent homicide when a young woman dies after an exorcism. The movie shows a lot of the trial in the courtroom with flashbacks of what happened to Emily. The film is loosely based on the story of Anneliese Michel, a German woman who died a year after an exorcism due to not receiving medical care. The priest and her parents we’re then charged with negligent homicide. It seems that most people believe that this was mental illness that wasn’t properly understood and I can definitely see that as the case here. At the same time, the movie is still enjoyable and has some creepy scenes in the flashbacks of a supposedly possessed Emily.

An American Haunting –

Betsy, a teenage girl in the early 1800’s is haunted by a spirit whose haunting progresses from mild to severe, and scenes of future relatives experiencing something similar. This movie is based on the legend of the Bell witch. Exact details vary, but the main story is in the early 1800’s the Bell family is cursed by a witch, sometimes named Kate Batts, with the majority of the haunting being directed at the Bell’s daughter. As far as knowing if all of it really happened, who knows. But it really just sounds like witch hysteria. The movie has a different explanation for the events, but it’s just a new twist put to an old legend. The twist makes it interesting, but some people hate that the movie included the twist that it did.

The Haunting in Connecticut –

A family moves to a new home due to their son’s cancer but soon experience supernatural occurrences. They find out their new home was previously a mortuary. The film is supposedly about Carmen Snedeker and her family whose experience parallels that of the family in the movie, who are named the Campbell’s. Whether you believed what happened or not is up to you. Also, the Warrens also investigated the claim f the Snedeker family and Lorraine Warren has said that after an exorcism the house was cleansed of any evil spirits. Take from that what you will.

The Hills Have Eyes –

A family is stalked by deformed cannibals in the desert. There is a 1977 version and a 2006 remake as well as sequels. Supposedly the basis for the movie was the tale of Sawney Bean. Sawney Bean purportedly existed in 15th or 16th century Scotland. He was the head of a clan that murdered and cannibalised over 1,000 people. Whether he existed or that he was over exaggerated is not confirmed. It certainly makes for a creepy film with some seriously disturbing scenes.

Wolf Creek –

Backpackers in the Australian outback are stalked, kidnapped and tortured by a serial killer. This film touts itself as based on a true story but is purportedly only based on certain details from different murders. Two stories that it drew from were Peter Falcino’s murder case and the Ivan Milat’s backpacker murders. Peter Falcino was abducted and murdered in July 2001 and Ivan Milat was charged with 7 murders of backpackers in the 1990’s. Two very scary occurrences that make this another one of those horror movies that are totally plausible.

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