Great Scary Movies For Children

Scary movies aren’t just for grown ups or even teenagers. There’s a lot of younger kids who like things that are a bit scary. It can be in the form of goofy monsters or some random thing that gets a kid scared. Granted, I’m not condoning terrifying your kids or anything. Sometimes kids just want to watch some monster movies. So the following have horror type themes but for the younger set.

If you’re looking for scary movies for young adults and teens, you can check out our other list of PG-13 Scary Movies For Teens & Young Adults.

Paranorman – A kid who’s a bit of an outcast lives in a town with a curse that leads to zombies. This is an all around good movie. It’s got comedy and zombies and is appropriate for most kids and completely enjoyable for adults too.

Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king, lives in Haloweentown with all sorts of scary creatures, he then discovers Christmastown and thinks it bring him the joy Halloween no longer does. This is my absolute favorite movie. It should also be considered a musical because most of it is songs. Incredible and amazing songs. This movie works at both Halloween and Christmas time and really anytime of year. It has all sorts of monsters for kids to watch and makes them a bit less scary than what a kid would imagine.

Corpse Bride – Victor, a shy and nervous young man, is practicing his vows for his arranged marriage and accidentally marries a corpse. This is another favorite and another film that is mostly songs. It also has a sweet love story in it and plenty of skeletons.

Frankenweenie – A young boy brings his dog back to life with a science experiment. I tend to avoid any movie that involves a sad story with animals, but this was a good movie with basically a zombie dog.

Coraline – A young girl finds an alternate world that is similar to hers but has some scary secrets. The button eyes even freak me out a bit when I watch this movie. It’s a good one and even has some messages it for kids to take away from the movie after watching it.

Monster House – Three kids face off against a neighboring house that is actually alive. This movie is great all around. It feeds fuel in imagining that the creepy abandoned house nearby is alive. A fun spook kids movie great for everyone.

Ghostbusters – Three paranormal psychologists set up a business to rid people of ghosts. Not one of my personal favorites, but I know this is still a favorite movie people saw as a kid and still live as an adult. There is a bit of sexual innuendo, but nothing too bad.

Gremlins – A boy gets an exotic pet but breaks the care instructions that come with it to monstrous consequences. This one might be a bit scary for some really young kids, but as a kid this was one of my favorites.

Hocus Pocus – Three sister witches are resurrected for Halloween and it’s up to two teens and a young girl to stop them. This movies been a Halloween staple since as long as it’s been out. It’s a fun movie to watch and it’s family friendly with a bit of spookiness.

The Witches – A young boy and his grandma end up in a hotel with a bunch of witches. When I was growing up this was my favorite book. Only when I was an adult did I find out there had been a movie version as well that I hadn’t known about as a kid. The book used to scare me as a kid, and when I did finally watch the movie, I can definitely seeing it giving kids a small scare. When the real faces of the witches are revealed they’re definitely on the scary side.

Tower of Terror – A reporter and his daughter investigate an abandoned hotel where people mysteriously disappeared years earlier. I remember enjoying this one as a kid when it would play on tv. Looking back at it now, it’s a bit cheesy but still a good watch.

Garbage Pail Kids – Some kids are badly behaved and if I recall have been made of green mud. I personally don’t remember this one, but I know plenty of people who were scared of this movie as kids. To be fair, I think the garbage pail kids are more scary because of the movie being a cheesy 80’s film with bad puppets, but that can definitely give any kid a scare. If you take the time and look this one up don’t be surprised when you see scathing reviews of how awful it is. Definitely a cult classic movie.

PARENTAL ADVISORY: Just because we’ve shared our opinion that these films are fine for kids, does not necessarily mean that they’re appropriate for your children. Take caution when selecting horror movies for your kids. Some factors that are important to consider are your childs age, maturity level, experience with horror films, comfort with scary themes and potential health precautions.

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