Swedish Ufo Found With Sonar In The Baltic Sea

Over the past 24 hours, there’s been a lot of discussion about a potential UFO that was found in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Sweden. What makes this Swedish UFO even more interesting, is that it has a 985 foot long streak leading up to it, possibly being impact marks from its landing on the ocean floor.

Those impact marks mean that it wasn’t just dropped from the surface directly to the bottom, and it isn’t some structure that came from the ocean floor like gas or rock pressure. It must have sunk at an angle, from the surface, while scraping along the ocean floor before settling into place.

Additionally, it was found in a location on the ocean floor that has no underwater terrain. The ocean floor in that area of the Baltic Sea is completely flat. So it’s not natural, and definitely a structure built in some way.

How big is it the Unidentified Object?

The underwater mysterious object itself is 60 meters in diameter, or approximately 197 feet. That’s about 13 pickup trucks lined up in a row from end to end. So, whatever it is, it’s pretty huge. Additionally, if sonar can pick it up and offer pictures this clear, it’s fair to say that it’s at least 10-15 feet tall. So we are, essentially, talking about a q97 foot wide, 10-15 foot tall, structure that has scraped the ocean floor in a strip longer than three football fields.

How deep is the object?

It’s only 300 Feet below the waters surface. What makes that interesting, is that it’s not too difficult to get to. In other words, anyone with some basic deep diving equipment and a boat can get to it. Three hundred feet down certainly takes more than a snorkle, but if anyone with an interest in diving lives in the area, they could scope it out during a long afternoon. It doesn’t exactly take government grade equipment or high technology to get down there.

What are some possibilities of what the object could be?

It certainly is possible that it’s something government made. This object was found while explorers were searching for sunken merchant ships from World War 1. It could have been a government experiment or a discarded container from a transport ship (or sunken transport ship). But it’s pretty huge to be something that was simply discarded or even lost without notice or record.

What are the chances that it’s not alien?

Well, if the government wanted to get rid of an alien space ship, then they probably would have either nuked it or dropped it into deeper waters, or both. It would be fairly stupid for them to drop it overboard in only 300 feet of water if they truly wanted it hidden.

On the other hand, if the government doesn’t know about it at all, then there’s a chance that it is alien. The chances of something being this size, at this depth, on a flat ocean floor means that it must be something created by man or by alien.

Our sincere hope is that someone will research the object, and possibly take some photos of the object. It wouldn’t take much time and resources to simply put together a 5 person team and head down there. In a day, a little poking around would unlock this mystery and possibly open doors into science and awareness that we could all use to progress our understanding.

I hope, that whomever does it, is careful and aware of the possibilities of what it could be. This could be big.

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