The Best Horror Films For The Holidays

When it comes to the holidays, movie watchers typically go for the classics. But when you’re tired of watching Rudolph and It’s a Wonderful Life, what other holiday movie options are available?

We’ve compiled a list of the best scary holiday movies for the all the horror film lovers out there.

Black Xmas (2006) – Rated: R

A deranged madmen murders his family and makes Christmas cookies out of them. After being put in a psycho ward, he escapes the ward and travels through the cold to a sorority home that’s stranded in a snow storm. While in the sorority sisters home he makes phone calls to the sorority sisters and terrorizes and haunts their every thought.

Remake of the 1974 Black Christmas, see below for more information.

Black Christmas (1974) – Rated: R

This older, original version of Black Xmas (see above) is a psychological thriller in which a psychotic killer assaults and frightens (to say the least) a home of sorority girls and friends that are stranded in their snow-stuck building in a small community.

Additionally, each murder horrific murder is have a more real-life feel to them because the acting is phenomenal. This version of Black Christmas is definitely suggested over the new one, but it’s certainly more scary as well.

“Jack Frost” 1997 – Rated: R

An insane serial killer dies in a car accident on his way to execution and mutates into a killer snowman. Jack Frost, played by Scott Macdonald, of course then continues to terrorize and attack the families of the town in which he’s located. With creepy holiday music, this film is the perfect badly made scary holiday movie for horror film buffs during the holidays.

This movie shouldn’t be confused with Michael Keatons “Jack Frost”, a family oriented film in which a father dies in a tragic car accident and comes back to set things right with his family.

Santa’s Slay (2005) – Rated: R

Santa’s slay is hijacked by a demonic madman (supposedly the REAL Santa) that spreads his own recipe of Christmas joy after a gamble with an Angel is over. Once the mentally deranged St Nic takes the helm, he distributes Christmas gifts that are actually bombs. After a seemingly endless rampage, Santa is confronted by an angel. But now that the bet is over, how can the angel force the Christmas king to stop his psychotic killing spree?Now that’s a Christmas story!

Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) – Rated: PG

In this phenomenal claymation cartoon-like film, Jack Skellington is well known and respected among his fellow vampires, wearwolves, dead dolls and other creepy characters. Living in halloween town, he stumbles upon a door that ends up being a magical gateway to Christmas Town. After meeting Santa Claus, he decides to make Christmas his own by kidnapping santa and terrorizing the citizens of Christmas Town. Nighmare Before Christmas is a great family movie, but isn’t suggested for children under 10 due to scary themes and visuals.

Child’s Play (1988) – Rated: R

Remember Buddy Dolls? Did you ever have an inkling that he was watching you from your childhood playroom and planning an unexpected attack in your sleep? After watching Child’s Play you’ll certainly think again about it. After a Buddy Doll is given to a young child as a Christmas gift, the possessed doll comes alive during the night only to attack the family. I personally wouldn’t suggest this movie for children that have a good relationship with their dolls, especially one that has opening and closing eyes.

Gremlins (1984) – Rated: PG-13

After getting a mogwai doll (ferbie like creature) as a Christmas gift from his father, Billy learns from dropping the doll in water that it can be fed. After feeding it and becoming friends with it, the mogwai exposes it’s twisted intentions and becomes killing machine. Gremlins is a hit film that has a solid reputation in the horror film community.


As always, if this list is missing any great scary holiday horror movies, please post it in the comments. At Scariest Thing, we’re always revising our lists and adding new great films.

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