The Top 10 Best Zombies Movies With Nudity

This is a safe-for-work (SFW) page. There are no nude images. However, we do discuss nudity within zombie movies. I just thought I’d tell you up front to prevent any panic. Generally, anything with the word “nudity” is not kosher for work settings, so the ball is in your court. Here goes…

Everyone loves zombies right? You know what else everyone loves? Boobs! So being the classy folks that we are, we decided to put together a list of the best zombie movies with shots of boobs and other nudity.

Just fyi – this list was made spur-of-the-moment. I’m certain there are better, more appropriate, movies to add to this list. Additionally, they are not listed in any specific order. For more similar suggestions, check out our other article Scary Movies With Boobs, Butts and Bods.


1. V/h/s 1 and 2

VHS has an assortment of clips from various vhs tapes. Many of the clips have nudity and boobs. While some of the monsters in the movie may not be zombies, this film will still be appreciated by zombie lovers. Be ready though, it’s a trip.


2. Zombie Strippers

Zombie Strippers is an obvious choice for this list. Here you’ll find plenty of zombies with great boobs, which creates an interesting mix when they still pole dance for men that are somehow still into their routine. Some scenes are gross, but it has an entertaining tone intermingled with it.


3. Zombie Women of Satan

This is perhaps the worst quality film on this list. This is more like a movie that you play in the background while having a house-party when the parents are away (or you’re just really really (really) bored. All nips are covered with pasties, but it’s got a large assortment of boobs for everyone to enjoy.


4. House of the Dead 1 & 2

Based on the video game, this obnoxious movie is worth sitting through if you’re into small perky boobs. Otherwise, you probably will be bored, annoyed and turn it off soon enough. Both movies 1 and 2 have their share of boobs.


5. Dawn of the Dead

Boob scenes are few and far between in this great movie, but it’s well worth it otherwise. Dawn of The Dead is about a small group of civilians that seek refuge in a mall during a zombie outbreak.


6. Trapped Ashes

I can’t remember if there are actual zombies in this film, but Trapped Ashes has a number of stories with different horror themes engulfed into one. You’ll find a great deal of boobs and sexual encounters.


7. The Theater Bizarre

The Theater Bizarre is a series of clips that make up the movie’s story. Overall, its a great movie. Plus there’s plenty of boobs to go around and some entertaining shock-value scenes.


8. “Jenifer”

Jenifer is a decent film. However, it’s disappointing in terms of “boobage”. I’ll be honest, I was struggling to find a 10th movie to add to this list, so I just grabbed this one quickly.


9. Cemetery Man (Dellamorte Dellamore)

I’ve never seen Cementery Man. It’s a cult classic Italian movie, and a quick image search will definitely tell you that there are plenty of boobs in this goody. In fact, there is one scene that is straight up sex. Probably not a great “first date” movie unless there is only one purpose for your first date…getting down.


10. Zombie Lake

Zombie Lake is an older movie and poorly made. However, if you want some vintage boob scenes, this is a great choice. Plus you get some group boob shots.

Did I miss any? Post it in the comments and we’ll add it to our list!

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