The Tortured (The Most Intense Revenge Movie I’ve Seen In A While)

Imagine that someone in your family is taken, tortured and murdered by a psychotic killer and known molester. Next, imagine that this same person has committed this same crime over and over again – so much that a small “burial ground” of victims remains are found. Finally, imagine that after being caught, this murderer is sentenced to only 10 years in prison. Without giving away any more information, this should give you an idea of what The Tortured is about.

I’m in the middle of watching the movie on Netflix, and it is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. Although it only has 5.5 stars on IMDB and 6% on Rotton Tomatoes (pitiful), it has one of the best build-up/suspense introductions I’ve ever seen. The movie is fantastic at making your blood boil, too. My girlfriend laughs at me during movies sometimes because I get so riled up.

After a little research, I found that the movie was partially funded by kickstarter, an awesome way to crowd-fund creative projects.

Anyway, Erika Christensen and Jesse Metcalfe are this great couple in the movie and examine all of their options thoroughly after the jury sentences the child-killer criminal.

*** *** *** SPOILERS BELOW *** *** ***

If you’re reading this, you’re about to hear how the movie ends (and what the point of the movie truly is).

The mother and father of the deceased child get there sweet revenge on the child-killer. Shortly after being sentenced to prison, the child killer is abducted by the couple before the police  have the chance to transport him to a federal prison.

The thing that’s so disturbing about the move is the length at which the couple go to torture the guy. They go full blown psycho on the guy. But the movie is absolutely phenomenal at doing “flash-backs” to remind you how much they loved their son. So each time you think of how screwed up the torture is, you ultimately decide that he deserves every second of it.

The gore is clearly why the movie got bad reviews. I assume critics thought the notion of a seemingly normal couple torturing their sons killer to such extremes was too much. I kind of agree. Sometimes it was hard to watch the movie.

  • They electrocute him.
  • Burst his eardrum with a needle.
  • Suffocate him.
  • Burn his chest with a soldering iron.
  • Kill him and bring him back to life.
  • Put a cigarette out on him.
  • Crush his foot in a vice.
  • Broke his toe(s).
  • Open his stomach with a scalpel. (this may have been in a dream)
  • Extracted his liver while he was conscious. (this may have been in a dream)

Is this too much? Maybe. Certainly too much for any children to watch and probably too much for most adults.

The Ending

The ending is an unexpected twist. They were torturing the wrong guy. When they captured him, they took the wrong guy from the police van because they didn’t recognize him from being bloodied by a car accident. The police van had two criminals in it, but they never realized it.

I think it’s a great ending, but it’s somewhat of a shocker. When you realize they’ve been torturing the wrong guy (guilty of tax evasion) it makes you cringe and hope to god this scenario never really happened in real life.

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