Thioacetone – The Worst Smelling Chemical In The World

Ahh, fresh air. We undervalue fresh air until it’s no longer present, such as the chemical engineers that came up with this nasty chemical.

Have you ever smelled something that you immediately regretted? “Well, smelling THAT was a mistake!” I did that accidentally when I smelled some stone-cleaner that I had bought from the hardware store for my family’s stone floor. I’ll never forget that wiff of unpleasant smell of death. I’m guessing that’s not even close to what this chemical is like.

It’s called Thioacetone. It causes uncontrollable vomiting.

Thioacetone is a real chemical. It’s an organosulfur compound, whatever that means. It’s considered to be one of the most dangerous chemicals in the world because it immediately induces uncontrollable vomiting. In fact, even releasing a small amount of its fumes for a brief moment accidentally is enough to clear a city block. And that has literally happened before.

It was first discovered in 1889 by a company called Baumann and Fromm. After it’s discovery, there have been a few mishaps with the chemical.

After discovery, an attempt to distill the chemical in Freiburg, Germany was followed by cases of vomiting, nausea and unconsciousness in an area with a radius of a half mile (0.75 kilometres). They had to evacuate the entire town. Literally, one wrong move with this stuff and people in the area are puking their guts out.

How was Thioacetone created?

A man was on a mission. Professor Roland Mayer at Dresden University of Technology dedicated his life to researching a group of chemical compounds called “thioketones”.

We don’t really understand what thioketones are. However, we know that it involves isolating key smelly molecules and condensing them to produce the smelliest stuff in the world.

When Professor Mayer finally discovered the smell, all he had to say was “The smell of this unstable red oil is indeed almost indescribable.”

So, what does Thioacetone smell like?

We don’t know. In fact the Professor Mayer himself claimed it to be indescribable. So, nobody really knows except those that have violently vomited from its stench. Organic sulphur compounds are known to be horribly putrid, but why Thioacetone is so much worse than the others is still up for debate.

You smell it. Keep us posted on what it smells like 😉

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