Was President JFK Killed By Secret Service Agent George Hickey?

I never understood why the JFK assassination was embedded in the minds of so many Americans until I started reaching adulthood and realized the importance of politics. After researching JFK’s murder to get a more clear understanding of his death, it seemed that there were so many unanswered questions.

I decided to dig deeper. Fortunately, I came across several documentaries on NetFlix which appealed to me, simply because much of the “digging” had been already done for me. Here is some stuff I found during my quest.

George Hickey, a secret service agent during JFK’s presidency, was holding an undisclosed AR-15 assault rifle loaded and ready to fire while sitting in the vehicle directly behind JFK’s automobile. There are only one or two pictures in existence that prove this was the case. Fortunately, these pictures survived and were not destroyed during the potential evidence tampering involved in the case.

Below is an actual picture of the AR-15 rifle at the JFK assassination. The rifle was undisclosed until later investigation. Had this picture not been taken, many people wouldn’t know the rifle even existed.

We typically hear about Lee Harvey Oswald who supposedly shot three bullets from a bolt action rifle in less than 6 seconds. That’s less than 2 seconds to load the bullet by hand, aim the rifle at the moving target, and pull the trigger under duress. This scenario is not only highly unlikely, it’s nearly impossible, even for a well trained marksman – which is proven by PBS’s research. Learn more about PBS’s research by looking up PBS Nova “JFK: Cold Case”.

Also, what we don’t hear about in history books is that the bullet that was responsible for killing JFK was a hollow point round from an AR-15, which was not a bullet taken by the rifle that Lee Harvey Oswald was using during the shooting. The bullet that exploded in JFKs brain shortly after impact was simply too small to even be loaded into Oswald’s firearm. This information is known as “ballistics evidence” which is bullet and firearm information used by forensics departments to solve crimes around the world.

Why do these bullet comparisons matter? Because the bullet hole in JFK’s head was small enough to only facilitate an AR-15 bullet. Additionally, the bullet that hit JFK in the head was an “expanding bullet” which means it’s shape changes and shrapnel bits often break off during impact – which is exactly what happened during JFK’s assassination. So this ballistics information demonstrates that Oswald’s bullet could not have been the bullet that hit JFK in the head.

The Warren Report, which is an 80 page report written by the Warren Commission about the JFK assassination, has a lot of holes. There are inconsistencies ranging from bullet sizes, to the the types and caliber of weapons involved, and the angles from which the bullets were shot. Also, oddly enough, the secret service destroyed much of their evidence and records of the event after they made their statements to the Warren Commission. To make matters worse, the secret service destroyed numerous photos of the crime scene that were never released to those authorities inquiring into the death of JFK. Hmmm….very suspect!

There is a host of other information that is too in-depth for me to discuss in this article. The smell of gunpowder at the time of the murder, the numerous interviewed onlookers that were at the murder site, and the tampered-with remains of President JFK himself – are all interesting parts of the investigation that are worth a read if interested.

Cullen McClaren, a well recognized journalist and prior police detective sergeant, has released a fantastic documentary called “JFK: The Smoking Gun”. Check it out on Netflix if you have a membership. It has some awesome views on how things could have happened. Additionally, it makes clear the inconsistencies with the generally accepted JFK story.

It’s clear that JFK’s assassination was either an inside job or a “mortal error”, as stated by author Howard Donahue, who concluded that JFK was accidentally shot by one of his own Secret Service agents. It’s possible that Hickey accidentally shot President JFK, but it’s uncertain how such an acute shot could have been made by accident – and then never investigated further.

Regardless of what happened during the assassination, there are many reasons to suspect it was an inside job. President JFK was disrupting the financial institution of the United States, including the Federal Reserve (Central Bank) of the United States. JFK planned on issuing dollar currency without having it be backed by debt. Additionally, he often spoke about curbing the power of “secret societies”.

In my mind, Oswald was not the primary perpetrator in JFK’s death. Sure, Oswald was guilty, but there were clearly other parties guilty as well. There’s too much evidence that suggests a cover-up was attempted and, additionally, too much evidence that supports JFK being murdered by Agent George Hickey – accidentally or otherwise.

What do you think?

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