What Happened To Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370?

We all remember seeing it on the news. On March 8, 2004, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished with no explanation. 227 Passengers and 12 crew members disappeared and were never heard from again. The flight left Kuala Lumpur for Beijing, China and made some unusual turns in the sky. It is thought to have disappeared somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

When the story originally broke, people were on the edge of their seats waiting for the final conclusion. But it never came. Media news was analyzing the many possibilities, with fancy graphics of maps and 3D illustrations of mechanical parts of planes. They had every possible scenario covered, but it was pure speculation and quite frankly, a complete waste of time.

It was almost as if the news stations were filling viewers heads with possible scenarios in order to cover for the governments complete lack of accountability in the situation. Regardless of all of the the discussion on TV and online, nobody was getting any answers. Wikipedia even has a specific page designated to the many disappearance theories.

A summary of what happened to the Malaysian Flight MH370

12:41 AM AST

227 Passengers piled onto Flight 370, a Boeing 777, leaving from in Kuala Lumpur.

1:19AM AST

40 minutes after takeoff, the flight starts veering off-course. This was also the same time that air control communicated with Flight 370.

1:21AM AST

The plane’s transponder, which communicated with air-traffic control, was switched off.

Malaysia Air Traffic Controllers failed to attempt to communicate with the off-course airline.

1:30AM AST

Malaysian military and civilian radar began tracking the plane as it turned around and then flew southwest over the Malay Peninsula.

On March 12, 2004

4 days after the flight disappearance, the Malaysian Government announced that military radar had last visuals on the plane 370 Kilometers from Penang Island at 2:22AM AST on the day that the flight went missing.

Here is the exact recorded location of the flight until it disappeared:

Massive search teams of boats, helicopters and planes searched the Indian Ocean, but very little was discovered. The only items that were found were random pieces of debris and parts of a plane, but nothing was conclusive. Nobody was even certain if the things that were found were connected in some way to Flight 370. The ocean is huge and there’s a lot of random crap that have accumulated in the ocean over the decades.

On April 6, an Australian ship detected several acoustic pings, possibly from the Boeing 777’s flight recorder (also known as the “black box”) about 2,000 Km (1,200 miles) northwest of Perth, Western Australia.

After more analysis by the AAIB of the Inmarsat data also found a partial signal from the plane at 8:19 AM that was consistent with the location of the acoustic pings. The last acoustic pings were heard on April 8.

After identifying the “pings”, a robotic submarine was used to search the area for the submerged Flight 370, with no success. The water is considered to be too deep and there was too much ground space to cover.

Literally, that is all of the information that we have from government sources. Even the following response from the government provided nothing additional.

The 2018 Response From The Malaysian Government

In July of 2018 the Malaysian Government issued its final report about what happened. The report is 495 pages (direct link to PDF). It’s a surprisingly weak report, disappointing and unhelpful. In summary, the final MH370 report stated that:

  1. A critical turn of the planes direction was made manually, but it’s still unclear who was responsible for the decision to turn the plane.
  2. The fuselage has not been found.
  3. The Malaysian government ended the search in May of 2018.
  4. It’s unknown where the plane crashed or what happened to the plane.

There is so much missing from this report that it’s almost choke-worthy to imagine that this is all that they published. The government has more information. There’s no doubt about that.

In fact, there are 7 countries in the region that should have had this “ghost plane” on radar. It was completely off course. However, all 7 of those countries claim that the plane was not visible. This has been determined to be impossible, according to experts. It’s the responsibility of those governments’ militaries to know when foreign aircraft and missiles are approaching their territory.

Are they honestly saying that they can’t see an entire Boeing 777 traveling across the sky? Wow. That’s a huge security hole. Supposedly these countries are spending a lot of money on military technology…so where is the money really going if they’re not even able to see a giant airplane traveling at a slow speed?

Public anger against the Malaysian Government

Needless to say, people are not happy with the Malaysian Government about this fiasco. It was poorly handled, no information was given, and the report essentially said “we don’t know anything”.

Debris was found (validity questioned)

Apparently debris has been washing up on shores surrounding the Indian Ocean for some time, particularly in 2015 and 2016. It has been confirmed by officials that some of these parts are from the Malaysian flight. However, this seems to be a little bit too easy. The plane completely disappeared with no information from the professionals, then random pieces start popping up? We’re not saying that it’s not a reasonable possibility or even wrong that debris would float up on shore. The point is, if there was a cover-up, this would be a tremendously easy way to pull it off.

Records were changed after the flight took off.

For some reason, due to incompetence or manipulation, a large 200 pound container was added to the flight list of transported items after the plane had taken off. French investigators were seeking answers specifically about this line item, but they never received responses to their requests. You can read more about it on this DailyMail MH370 article.

Some of the victims cell phones were ringing for days after the supposed crash.

After the plane went missing, friends and family of those that were on the flight were frantically searching for answers. In their desperation, some people attempted to call the phones of their loved ones that were on the flight. Oddly enough…the phones actually rang. The phones did not go directly to voicemail or get a disconnected phone message.

This fact was important. As we all know, phones that are “on” and in working condition will ring when a person calls them. Of course nobody answered the phones. However, even though nobody answered the phone, it’s important and perhaps critical to the story that the phones still rang. Because that means that the phones were not submerged underwater in the ocean, destroyed, or powered-off.

Sadly, we imagine that these phones were gathered and put into a pile before they were destroyed.

What do we believe to be the true story?

Although it’s possible that this was an accident, there’s certainly more information to the story than we’re receiving from the governments involved. The governments of the world have access to some of the most remarkable technology, but they can’t even track a Boeing 777 on radar? And why didn’t anyone try to communicate with the plane after it veered off course? Also, why couldn’t they find at least one sizable piece of the plane after it went missing? Finally, why were the phones still ringing after the supposed crash? Something’s not right here.

We believe this was a cover-up.

All of these governments in the area are not disclosing enough information, and that happens for a reason. They have something to hide.

There are simply too many unanswered questions and there are too many suspicious things that were involved in this event to believe that it was anything except for an inside job.

Our hearts go out to the families that lost their loved-ones in this tragic disappearance.

Thank you for reading!

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