What is Creepypasta? (With Examples)

Creepypasta is just an internet slang word for short scary untrue stories that are shared around the internet. Sharing scary stories is a common practice online, especially in internet forms such as reddit. People find stories they like, copy the text and paste it in another place online, usually a forum, to share it with other people.

Some of the stories online have become so well-known, that the specific stories themselves are recognized as being part of the origin of the word “creepypasta”, similar to how NikeAir sneakers are considered to be part of Nike’s success. (Examples below)

People love telling stories, embellishing the truth, murkying fact vs fiction, especially with scary stories. Therefore, when someone copies and pastes a scary story from one place online to another place online, it’s called creepypasta.

The word creepypasta originates from the reddit forum thread called creepypasta.

The word creepypasta is also a play on words, originating from “copypasta”, which originated from “copy/paste”. Copypasta was simply something that was shared by copying/pasting around the internet, but was shortened to “copypasta”. Later, when scary stories started being passed around online, people started calling the stories creepypasta.

Sometimes people joke about Edgar Allen Poe being the first original writer of creepypasta, because his stories are so popular that people talk about them and duplicate his writings and quotes.

What are some examples of popular creepypasta stories?

The examples below are all “creepypasta” or “creepypasta stories”. These scary stories are all well-known on the internet by people that are especially interested in scary stories…

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